Universal Syriac Union Party President Ibrahim Mrad expresses solidarity with Samy Gemayel, condemns Hezbollah’s threats

BEIRUT — Amid rising tensions in Lebanon as Iranian-backed Hezbollah threatens to embroil Lebanon in a conflict with Israel, head of the Universal Syriac Union Party (USUP) and Secretary-General Ibrahim Mrad voiced his unwavering support for Member of Lebanese Parliament and head of the Kataeb Party Samy Gemayel.

Gemayel recently became the target of a systematic social media campaign following his vocal condemnation of Hezbollah’s military operations, which he views as a threat to Lebanon’s security and its citizens.

Mrad denounced the accusation and threats made by Hezbollah against Gemayel and described them as a manifestation of a power-driven policy backed by Iranian money and weaponry. Highlighting the occupation of Lebanon and the suppression of opposing national voices, especially those of Christians seeking liberation from Iranian influence, Mrad emphasized the need to resist such attempts to silence dissent.

According to Mrad, these oppressive tactics, including bloodshed, the stifling of free opposition voices, and the economic and political destabilization of Lebanon, all serve the interests of Iran. He argues that Iran’s agenda aims to foster chaos in Lebanon, creating conditions conducive to war, while disregarding the aspirations of the Lebanese people for a free and prosperous nation.