US Treasury Department imposes sanctions on Iraqi airline allegedly supporting Iranian militias, targets Hezbollah leaders

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The US Department of the Treasury enacted sanctions against Iraqi airline Fly Baghdad accusing it of providing support to Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard’s Corps’ (IRGC) Quds Force and its agents across Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon. Simultaneously, sanctions were imposed on the Hezbollah in Iraq following its alleged targeting of American bases.

The sanctions extend to the airline’s Chief Executive Officer and highlight the US government’s commitment to curbing financial assistance to entities linked with Iranian militias. Additionally, three Hezbollah leaders and a money-transfer company associated with the militia are included in the newly imposed sanctions.

US Ambassador to Baghdad Alina Romanowski asserted that Iran’s use of an Iraqi airline for transporting weapons, fighters, and funds violates Iraq’s sovereignty. The move underscores the US’ commitment to holding entities accountable for contributing to destabilizing activities in the region.

Fly Baghdad denounced the sanctions, emphasizing the absence of material or moral evidence against the airline. The company called on the US Treasury to provide concrete evidence supporting its decision and demonstrating any complicity in supporting Iranian militias.