Maryam al-Batoul Sisters Forum resumes spiritual activities, nurturing healing and community bonding in Mosul

MOSUL, Iraq — Three months after a temporary halt, the Maryam Al-Batoul Sisters Forum has begun organizing spiritual events, embarking on a journey from the Nineveh Plains town of Baghdede (Qaraqosh / Hamdaniya), Iraq, to visit the churches of Mosul. The primary aim of the excursion is to support women in overcoming the lingering impacts of the tragic Baghdede wedding hall fire.

Father Ronnie Salem, the Forum’s founder, outlined the mission of the Forum, emphasizing its commitment to aiding women affected by the Baghdede tragedy. Additionally, the initiative seeks to introduce the rich heritage and history of the churches in Mosul, fostering connections with returning families.

Father Salem detailed the itinerary of the Forum’s activities, which began with a visit to the Syriac Catholic Church of Mar Thoma, followed by a visit to the Syriac Catholic Church of Al Bishara. He presided over a Divine Mass at Al Bishara, with the active participation of the Maryam al-Batoul Sisters.

The Mar Thoma Syriac Catholic Church is the first church to be constructed and host Masses on the right side of Mosul following the city’s liberation from the Islamic State (ISIS).