Noursat Jordan report exposes alarming increase in attacks on Christian and Palestinian holy sites in the Holy Land

AMMAN — A report by the religious satellite channel Noursat shed light on the notable surge in attacks targeting Christian and Palestinian holy sites in the Holy Land in 2023.

Amid the devastating war and the ongoing conflict in Gaza, Christians find themselves grappling with the repercussions, with the report documenting a total of 24 significant attacks in 2023.

The report delves into the most egregious incidents, highlighting the assault on the cemetery of the Evangelical Episcopal Church and the targeted attack on the Greek Orthodox Chapel built on the sight of Christ’s imprisonment by the Romans. Additionally, the historic Church of Gethsemane, also known as the Church of Agony and the Church of All Nations, in Jerusalem faced an attack, with participants of Holy Saturday events finding themselves besieged.

The report underscores the disturbing trend of ongoing attacks, including bombings of places of worship, assaults on affiliated institutions, and the violation of sacred sites, further complicating the already challenging situation in the region.