Syriac Military Council in North and East Syria announces martyrdom of its fighter Severius

NORTH AND EAST SYRIA — The Syriac Military Council (Mawtbo Fulhoyo Suryoyo, MFS) in North and East Syria issued a statement, in which it announced the martyrdom of its fighter, while performing his duty to defend the peoples of the Region of North and East Syria against the Turkish forces.

“Building peoples is the duty and responsibility of those who feel its importance. Path of national and patriotic liberation has been a commitment for those who know the meaning of true freedom. They work with dedication to reach the goals they set with their comrades of struggle, which is full of challenges, that are faced with patience, commitment and sacrifice, until martyrdom,” read the MFS statement.

The MFS added that, “With more pride, we announce the martyrdom of MFS comrade Ali Salih al-Beyd, nom de guerre, Severius, who was born in Hasakah on 1st April, 2001.”

The MFS declared that Severius was one of its brave fighters, who never hesitated to take the front positions on the battle fronts, against the forces of terrorism, darkness and occupation, adding that Severius carried in his heart a great love for his homeland and people, through his courageous participation in the battle fronts and campaigns against the Turkish-backed proxies.

The MFS stressed that martyr Severius truly believed in the issue of his homeland and peoples and embodied brotherhood of peoples.

“Severius kept the promise he made to himself and his comrades until his martyrdom,” the MFS statement concluded.