Extremist attacks kill another 55 Christians in Nigeria’s Plateau Region

PLATEAU, Nigeria — Disturbing reports reveal that 55 Christians fell victim to extremist Islamist groups in Nigeria’s Plateau Region, strategically located between the predominantly Muslim north and the Christian-majority south, according to local sources.

The Mwaghavul Development Association, representing Christian Mwaghavul people, confirmed the tragic incident, stating that militants from the Fulani tribe launched an attack on a Christian village resulting in the death of 30 individuals.

Despite the imposition of a 24-hour curfew by the Plateau Governor, reports indicate widespread devastation with looting and arson targeting schools, places of worship, and residences in the area.

Nuruddin Husseini Maghaji, the Regional Head of the Nigerian Red Cross Organization, revealed the establishment of two camps in Mango town to shelter 1,500 displaced people. Human rights associations are actively engaged in recovering the bodies of 25 victims from a second attack in the area.

This latest incident adds to the escalating sectarian violence in the region, originating from the brutal killing of 200 Christians during the 2023 Christmas Eve attacks, primarily targeting Christian villages.

While Nigerian authorities assure that the situation is now under control, they have confirmed the arrest of at least 17 individuals suspected of instigating the renewed sectarian clashes in the region.