Head of Kataeb Party of Lebanon Sami Gemayel urges equality and disarmament amid rising tensions

BEIRUT — In a candid interview on the Lebanese channel LBCI, Representative Sami Gemayel, the head of the Lebanese Kataeb Party, highlighted the persistent threat facing Lebanon, particularly amidst escalating tensions fueled by Hezbollah’s inflammatory rhetoric.

Gemayel underscored the urgency of addressing the current challenges, emphasizing the need for a Lebanon where all citizens enjoy equal rights and obligations under the law. He condemned Hezbollah’s media campaign, warning against the dangerous implications of promoting violence and discord within society.

Expressing a resolute message directed at Hezbollah, Gemayel reiterated the Lebanese people’s desire for a stable nation governed by the rule of law and constitutional principles. He emphasized the importance of dismantling all armed groups and integrating their weapons under state control, a fundamental step towards establishing state authority and ensuring national security.

Gemayel outlined a vision for a new Lebanon based on principles of inclusivity, tolerance, and respect for diversity. He called for a national dialogue to chart a path forward, advocating for a comprehensive overhaul of the country’s political landscape to foster genuine reconciliation and progress.

Addressing Hezbollah’s aspirations for political dominance and military autonomy, Gemayel urged for a democratic process that upholds the principles of pluralism and rejects the imposition of unilateral agendas. He cautioned against repeating past mistakes and urged preparedness for any potential threats to Lebanon’s sovereignty and stability.

Gemayel concluded by reaffirming the opposition’s steadfast commitment to defending Lebanon’s democratic values and national sovereignty, urging vigilance and unity in the face of adversity reminiscent of the country’s tumultuous past.