Head of Lebanese Forces Party Samir Geagea rejects US envoy’s proposal to halt Israel-Hezbollah clashes, questions Hezbollah’s credibility

BEIRUT — Addressing the ongoing efforts by US Envoy to the Middle East Amos Hochstein to quell the escalating tensions between Israel and Iranian-backed Hezbollah in southern Lebanon, Samir Geagea, the Head of the Lebanese Forces party, emphasized in an interview with Corriere della Sera newspaper that Hezbollah shows no signs of withdrawing from southern Lebanon and accused them of deceiving the US.

Geagea firmly stated that the implementation of UN Security Council Resolution No. 1701 cannot be substituted by Lebanon’s presidency, underscoring that the President of the Republic should represent the entire nation, not just Hezbollah’s interests.

Rejecting any notion of compromise at the expense of Lebanon’s sovereignty, Geagea asserted that such proposals are mere dreams, reaffirming Lebanon’s stance against any settlement that compromises its sovereignty.

Geagea emphasized that the role of the executive authority should prioritize the nation’s interests over any partisan agendas.

Highlighting the consequences of Hezbollah’s actions, Geagea condemned their involvement in the conflict in Gaza, which resulted in the displacement of tens of thousands of civilians. He accused Hezbollah of exploiting these abandoned homes as hideouts and rocket launching sites aimed at Israel.