Syriac Maronite Bishops convene at Beth Kerke, reject militia influence and urging diplomatic action for Lebanon

BETH KERKE, Lebanon — Gathering under the leadership of Syriac Maronite Patriarch Mar Bechara Boutros al-Rai, a meeting of Syriac Maronite bishops convened at Beth Kerke (Bkerke) to deliberate on Lebanon’s internal challenges and regional dynamics.

The bishops resolutely echoed the stance of the Patriarch in staunchly opposing any political maneuvers that jeopardize the lives of citizens in southern Lebanon. Their unequivocal rejection pointed to the alarming consequences of Lebanon being embroiled in the conflict in Gaza.

Expressing profound concern over the adverse effects of misguided policies, the bishops lamented the neglect of critical border regions, emphasizing the imperative of bolstering political and diplomatic efforts to enforce UN Security Council Resolution No. 1701.

Highlighting the detrimental impact of leadership vacuums, the bishops attributed Lebanon’s escalating challenges to the absence of effective governance, underscoring the pivotal role of the presidency in navigating issues such as border demarcation negotiations.

Furthermore, the clergy emphasized the importance of fiscal responsibility, cautioning against complacency in approving the general budget despite acknowledged shortcomings. They emphasized the obligation of public officials to safeguard state resources and curtail wasteful expenditure to mitigate the nation’s fiscal woes.