In memory of Catholicos-Patriarch Benyamin Shimun martyrdom, graduation ceremony in Melbourne, Australia

MELBOURNE, Australia  — Under the patronage of Archbishop of Assyrian Church of the East of Archdiocese of Victoria and New Zealand Mor Benyamin Elya, the 2024 graduation ceremony was held for students graduating from the Eastern Syriac language school, secondary schools and universities, in Melbourne, Australia.

The graduation ceremony, which was held in memory of Catholicos-Patriarch Benyamin Shimun martyrdom, began with Mor Elya presenting the graduates with certificates and gifts.

Mor Elya also praised the students’ efforts and perseverance.

The archbishop recalled Catholicos-Patriarch Benyamin Shimun outstanding sacrifices in service of his people and nation, amid the atrocities committed by the Turkish authorities.

“Due to Catholicos-Patriarch Shimun sacrifices, we now have opportunities to practice our faith, embrace our culture and language and live in peace and prosperity,” the archbishop stated, stressing the responsibility of graduates to contribute to society development and common good of the Holy Church and the Syriaca-Assyrian nation.

This graduation ceremony is held annually on the anniversary of martyrdom of Mor Benyamin Shimun in honor of his sacrifices for the church and the Syriac-Assyrian cause.