Iraqi Minister of Justice forms committee to safeguard property rights of religious minorities

BAGHDAD — A significant step towards safeguarding the property rights of religious minorities has been taken with the approval of Iraqi Minister of Justice of Iraq Khalid Shawani to establish a joint committee in collaboration with the endowments of the Christian, Yezidi, and Sabean-Mandaean communities.

Emphasizing the paramount importance of protecting the assets of religious minorities, Minister Shawani underscored the necessity of close coordination with the respective endowments to devise an effective mechanism for ensuring the preservation and documentation of their property records in compliance with the law.

Furthermore, Minister Shawani issued directives to exercise caution when issuing mandates related to minority properties, stressing the importance of thorough verification of all documentation and complaints.

Notably, Iraqi courts are inundated with cases pertaining to the seizure of Christian properties, particularly in the aftermath of displacement or emigration, leaving many awaiting justice decisions. This initiative aims to address these challenges and provide a framework for the equitable resolution of property disputes, thereby upholding the rights of religious minorities in Iraq.