Umut Foundation: Surge in armed violence across Turkey in 2023

ANKARA — The Umut Foundation released its latest annual report shedding light on the alarming escalation of armed violence gripping Turkey.

Every corner of the country has become a battleground for armed violence, with incidents and violent acts on the rise even in regions once deemed peaceful.

According to the Umut Foundation’s findings, over the past decade, Turkey has witnessed a staggering 43,197 acts of armed violence, resulting in the tragic loss of 1,434 lives and leaving over 31,207 individuals injured.

Last year saw a harrowing 3,700 recorded incidents of armed violence. Istanbul topped the list of cities affected by violence, with 505 reported incidents resulting in fatalities and injuries, followed closely by Samsun with 188 incidents and Adana with 171 incidents.

Other cities also experienced distressing levels of violence, with 164 incidents recorded in Izmir, 164 in Kocaeli, 144 in Sakarya, and 135 in Bursa.

Of particular concern is the surge in serious gun violence incidents across various cities, with some areas experiencing an alarming increase of up to 400%.