North and East Syria official Gabriel Shamoun calls on Syrian parties to unify against Turkish threat

NORTH AND EAST SYRIA — Gabriel Shamoun, member of the Syriac Union Party (SUP) and Co-Chair of the Executive Council of the Democratic Autonomous Administration of the Region of North and East Syria (DAARNES), called on all parties in Syria, including the Syrian regime, to safeguard the unity of Syrian territory and thwart attempts by Turkey to sow division.

Shamoun stated to media outlets that Turkey is currently building fences and trenches in the areas it occupies as part of its larger goal to annex those territory to Turkey, reflecting a longstanding policy of territorial expansion dating back to the Ottoman Empire.

“Syrian territory continues to be violated by the Turkish occupation state,” Shamoun stated, highlighting the ongoing encroachments on Syrian sovereignty.

Shamoun criticized the Syrian regime silence regarding the ongoing Turkish violations of Syrian territory and the demographic change process being carried out in the Turkish-occupied northern regions.

Shamoun urged all Syrian parties to set aside differences and unite against Turkish attempts to divide and destabilize Syria, emphasizing the imperative of collective resistance to preserve Syria’s sovereignty and territorial unity.