Operation Inherent Resolve report reveals ISIS money transfers via Turkey to Al-Hol Camp

WASHINGTON, D.C. — In its quarterly report to US Congress, Operation Inherent Resolve disclosed disturbing findings regarding Islamic State (ISIS) funding operations, particularly concerning transfers to individuals in the Al-Hol Camp in North and East Syria. The report unveiled that ISIS terrorists funneled approximately $20,000 per month through intermediaries in Turkey to recipients in the camp, utilizing various channels such as money transfers, cash transfer apps, and cryptocurrencies.

Highlighting ISIS’s adaptability, the report noted the group’s reliance on informal cash transfer networks, known as hawalas, for distributing funds within Iraq and Syria. Furthermore, ISIS’s utilization of virtual assets for international money transfers was underscored, emphasizing its multifaceted approach to supporting armed operations, recruitment efforts, and securing member releases from detention.

The report also shed light on ISIS’s resource management strategies, including the concealment of millions of dollars in buried material caches, which are clandestinely transported across Iraq and Syria. However, the group’s financial resilience has been significantly weakened by Coalition efforts and law enforcement actions targeting ISIS leaders, as well as the disruption of its financial facilitation networks in the Middle East.

Operation Inherent Resolve’s findings underscore the persistent threat posed by ISIS and the necessity for continued international cooperation to counter the group’s financial activities and ensure the safety and security of affected regions.