Islamist terrorists in Burkina Faso kill dozens of Christians and Muslims in separate attacks on Catholic church and Mosque on same day

ESSAKANE and NATIABOANI, Burkina Faso — The vicar of the Dori Diocese, Jean-Pierre Sawadogo, confirmed that at least 15 people were killed and 2 more were injured during a terrorist attack targeting a Catholic Church Mass in the village of Issakani, northern Burkina Faso.

Sawadogo stated, “The attack that occurred against the Catholic parish during a gathering for Sunday Mass is a terrorist attack.”

He called for peace and security in Burkina Faso, denouncing those responsible for perpetrating death and desolation in the country.

This incident marks the latest in a series of atrocities perpetrated by terrorist groups active in the region. Some attacks have targeted Christian churches, while others have involved the abduction of clergy.

The same day, in Naiaboani, Islamist terrorists surrounded a mosque during prayers and opened fire, killing dozens, according to security officials. According to reports, Islamist fighters attacked soldiers and a locally stationed self-defense militia near the mosque on the same day.

Since 2015, Burkina Faso has been plagued by bloody attacks, which are attributed to movements loyal to Al-Qaeda and the Islamic State (ISIS). These attacks have resulted in the deaths of 20,000 people and the displacement of more than 2 million others.