Syriac community in Sweden commemorates International Mother Language Day with cultural festival

SÖDERTÄLJE, Sweden — Marking International Mother Language Day, the hall of Mar Jacob Church in Södertälje, Sweden, buzzed with excitement as the Syriac Orthodox Bishop of the Diocese of Sweden and Scandinavia, Mar Yohanoun Lahdou, joined a vibrant gathering of community members.

Amidst a tapestry of speeches underscoring the significance of preserving mother tongues, including a poignant address by Church Council official Bassim Aho, attendees were treated to a host of songs performed by local artists and the church choir. The air resonated with the eloquent verses of Syriac poetry and teachings from language instructors, enriching the cultural tapestry.

Bishop Mar Yohanoun Lahdou offered insights into the religious significance of the Syriac language, particularly its pivotal role in the Bible.

As the festivities drew to a close, commendations and accolades were bestowed upon the event’s organizers and participants, a fitting tribute to their dedication in fostering and celebrating the richness of the Syriac heritage.