Nada Women’s Alliance condemns violations against women in the Middle East on International Women’s Day

BETH NAHRIN — Amidst the challenging circumstances faced by women across the Middle East, characterized by violence, marginalization, and exclusion, the regional Nada Women’s Alliance expressed deep concern regarding the plight of women in the region, including ongoing atrocities against women in Gaza.

The Alliance emphasized that the persistent disregard for women’s rights and physical integrity would only exacerbate chaos and violence. It urged the international community to take concrete action to halt the tragedies endured by women in Gaza, Syria, Sudan, Iraq, Yemen, Libya, Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, Morocco, and all regions grappling with wars, civil unrest, tribal conflicts, and international tensions.

Highlighting that mere condemnation is insufficient, the Alliance called upon the global feminist movement to prioritize solidarity with all women, without discrimination or exclusion.

Furthermore, the Alliance urged UN bodies to initiate campaigns in support of women in conflict zones, underscoring that unified women’s advocacy is essential for navigating out of wars and preventing genocides.