Syriac Maronite bishops call for vigilance amid growing concerns over displaced Syrians in Lebanon

BETH KERKE, Lebanon — Amid mounting apprehensions regarding the escalating risks associated with the presence of displaced Syrians in Lebanon, the Syriac Maronite bishops convened in Beth Kerke (Bkerke), Lebanon, under the leadership of Syriac Maronite Patriarch Mar Bechara Boutros al-Rai, announcing a vigilant approach to monitor the situation across all Lebanese regions.

In a comprehensive meeting focused on both ecclesiastical and national affairs, the bishops emphasized the imperative of subjecting the influx of displaced Syrians to Lebanese laws, underscoring the importance of stringent control measures.

Expressing their aspirations for the Lebanese Parliament to convene successive open sessions aimed at electing a new President of the Lebanese Republic, the clergy underscored the significance of diplomatic efforts in realizing this crucial objective.

Moreover, the clergy reaffirmed their steadfast opposition to Lebanon’s entanglement in the conflict between Israel and Hamas, urging local stakeholders to safeguard the well-being of individuals residing in south Lebanon.

With unwavering vigilance, the bishops reiterated their commitment to closely monitor developments in all Lebanese regions, particularly in light of the escalating risks posed by the presence of displaced Syrians.

As the fasting period commenced, the clergy called upon their congregation to intensify prayers and persevere through the challenges they encounter, seeking solace and strength in their spiritual devotion.