Sweden refuses to repatriate its nationals from North and East Syria

NORTH AND EAST SYRIA / STOCKHOLM —Despite the appeals launched by the Democratic Autonomous Administration in the Region of North and East Syria for the world countries to repatriate their nationals from families of the Islamic State ISIS), Swedish Foreign Minister Tobias Billström announced that Sweden will not repatriate children or adults from North and East Syria, due to the threat they may pose to Sweden security.

Billström stated that the Swedish government will not ensure the repatriation of Swedish citizens and people with ties to Sweden, who are in North and East Syria, to Sweden.

In statements to Agence France-Presse, the Minister declared that Sweden has no legal obligation to bring these people to Sweden, noting that this applies to women, children and men.

Billström considered that the repercussions of the return of ISIS families Swedish nationals on the Swedish security justifies the government decision.

The minister added that Sweden was facing a deteriorating security situation, and it could not rule out that returning adults could pose a security threat upon their return.

Tens of thousands of ISIS families are currently in AL-Hol Camp, East of Hasakah in North and East Syria.

AL-Hol Camp is considered the most dangerous camp in the world according to international reports.