Administration of North and East Syria discusses Turkish attacks on North and East Syria with Swiss officials

BERN — In an effort to bolster diplomatic ties abroad, representatives of the Democratic Autonomous Administration of the Region of North and East Syria (DAARNES) in Europe engaged in discussions with Swiss parliamentarians and senators in Bern, Switzerland. The delegation condemned the Turkish occupation state’s assaults on the northern and eastern regions of Syria.

Abdul Karim Omar, DAARNES in Europe, highlighted the inclusive nature of the Administration, emphasizing its formation through consensus among all regional components, with active participation from women in all administrative bodies. He underscored the Administration’s goal of fostering a democratic and decentralized Syria.

Addressing the repeated Turkish attacks on civilian infrastructure and security personnel, Omar pointed out the opportunistic maneuvers of the Turkish regime amid international focus on the conflict in Gaza, intensifying its assaults and transgressions in North and East Syria.

Swiss officials, in turn, stressed the imperative of preserving security and stability in the region, acknowledging the sacrifices made in the fight against the Islamic State (ISIS). They unequivocally condemned any efforts to target infrastructure, civilian facilities, and the livelihoods of civilians in North and East Syria.