Christian Front in Lebanon commemorates Cedar Revolution martyrs

BEIRUT — On March 14, the Christian Front in Lebanon commemorated the Cedar Revolution martyrs who were assassinated by Iranian militias, with the aim of abolishing the sovereignty and freedom, which the Cedar Revolution, with all its denominations, tried to establish.

The Front held its regular meeting in Ashrafieh, Lebanon, starting with a minute of silence for souls of the Cedar Revolution martyrs.

The Front issued a statement in which it confirmed that the assassinations and the subsequent occupation, violations, assaults, threats and the siege of political and religious public figures, which were carried out by the Iranian militia led to concessions.

The Front called on the remaining leaders and people of the Cedar Revolution to organize ranks to liberate Lebanon by all legitimate means, and not waste time by demanding presidential elections.

“It makes no sense to elect a president or hold elections under the oppression of the occupation weapon, which is dragging Lebanon into wars and mass destruction,” the Front added.

The Front called on the parties, authorities and sovereign MPs, who were elected by the peoples’ full confidence, to sign a document on applying federalism and implementing UN Resolution No. 1559, in addition to turning to the UN and world military intervention to help the Lebanese people liberate completely from Iranian militias in Lebanon.