Human Rights Watch calls for accountability after civilian deaths in Jordanian airstrikes in Syria

AS-SUWAYDA, Syria — Following the deaths of more than 10 people in Jordanian airstrikes on the towns of Arman and Milh in the countryside of As-Suwayda on 18 January, Human Rights Watch (HRW) reported that it had informed the Jordanian Foreign Minister of its detailed findings after an investigation into the raids, but received no response.

Adam Kugel, HRW’s Deputy Executive Director in the Middle East and North Africa Division, emphasized that cross-border airstrikes resulting in civilian casualties demand scrutiny. He added that Jordan should cease military raids targeting non-military objectives and provide compensation to victims of past attacks and their families.

HRW recommended that Jordan conduct thorough and impartial investigations into both the recent raid and previous ones, ensuring accountability for those responsible for violations.

HRW asserted that Jordan must guarantee accountability for airstrikes in southeastern Syria, and characterized the raids that resulted in the deaths of women and children as extrajudicial executions.