Turkish delegation visit to Iraq sparks concerns over expansionist ambitions

BAGHDAD — In Baghdad, the recent visit of Turkish government officials to Iraq has raised concerns over Ankara’s ambitions in the country, with analysts suggesting that it aims to legitimize the Turkish occupation of northern Iraq and potentially expand into new Iraqi territory.

Iraqi Professor Dr. Tayseer Abdul Jabbar al-Alusi emphasized that Turkey’s policy of expansion is not novel but rooted in a century-old approach. Coupled with the ideology of the ruling party, which aligns with political Islam and the Brotherhood’s principles, Turkey’s ambitions are clear, he said.

In an interview with Hawar Agency, al-Alusi highlighted Turkey’s strategy, aiming to capitalize on opportunities by conducting visits to Iraq, the US, and the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI) to pave the way for the Turkish military to expand its occupied territory in Iraq.

Al-Alusi warned that the essence of the discussions between Baghdad and Ankara revolves around creating conditions for Turkish military incursions under the guise of counterterrorism efforts, enabling Turkey to pursue its ambitious agenda while violating Iraqi sovereignty.

He further noted the concerning aspect of Turkey’s imposition on Iraq through blackmail, claiming that its campaigns were conducted with Iraqi consent and participation.

Al-Alusi underscored the fragility of the Iraqi state, characterized by a division of authority between official and parallel structures, leading to conflicting agendas and alliances that are not nationally oriented, exacerbating tensions and contradictions.