UN urges $4 billion in aid for Syrians amid looming humanitarian crisis

GENEVA — As the Syrian Civil War marks its 13th year, the United Nations issued an urgent plea for $4 billion in humanitarian aid to alleviate the dire conditions faced by millions of Syrians. The lack of support, warns the UN, could exacerbate the suffering and drive more Syrians to seek refuge abroad.

Adam Abdel Mawla, the UN Coordinator for Humanitarian Affairs in Syria, stressed the critical need for funding to assist 11 million Syrians out of the 16.7 million in need. With 13 million facing food insecurity, failure to act could deprive thousands of children of education and millions of women of essential maternal and reproductive health care.

Moreover, Abdul Mawla highlighted the looming threats posed by climate shocks, including water scarcity and heatwaves, which could further jeopardize agriculture and livestock in the region.

Since the war’s onset, over 507,000 lives have been lost, and millions have been displaced internally or forced to seek refuge abroad, underscoring the urgent need for sustained humanitarian support.