Chaldean Patriarchate limits celebrations of Feast of Resurrection to prayers in solidarity with Patriarch Sako

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region of Iraq — The Chaldean Patriarchate announced the cancellation of all concerts, media coverage, and the reception of government officials on the occasion of the Feast of Resurrection, except for prayers. This decision is made in solidarity with Chaldean Patriarch Mar Louis Rafael Sako, who relocated from his historic residence in Baghdad six months ago following the repeal of Iraqi President Decree No. 147 of 2013.

This decision was made without legal justification but rather as an appeasement to a well-known political party, as stated by the party itself in the media, said the Patriarchate.

Four months later, the decrees of the archbishops of other Churches were withdrawn.

“Patriarch Sako did not kill, did not steal public money, did not form a militia outside the law, did not stir up sectarian strife. On the contrary, he defended the rights of citizens and full citizenship, contributed to activating dialogue between religions and helped hundreds of Iraqi families throughout Iraq through the Patriarchate and the Brotherhood of love,” read the Patriarchal statement, saying that the Babylon Faction claims against the Patriarch are blatantly false.

The statement further expressed disappointment that the Iraqi president has not taken action against corruption or returned stolen funds to the state treasury but instead targeted peaceful Christians.

Patriarch Sako called on Iraqi Christians to remain steadfast and prayerful, assuring them that those in positions of power will not endure, but nations and peoples will persist.

“The Church will endure and remain unbroken,” the statement concluded.