Residents of Rmaich, Lebanon, admonish Hezbollah’s attempt to install missile platform between residential houses

RMAICH, Lebanon — In Rmaich, Lebanon, a citizen from the Christian town in the Bint Jbeil district intercepted two vehicles belonging to elements of Iranian-backed Hezbollah. The Hezbollah members were attempting to install a missile platform between village houses near a school in Rmaich.

According to Rmaich Mayor Milad al-Alam, the Hezbollah elements responded with gunfire when confronted by the citizen.

In response, residents of Rmaich, a town inhabited by 7,000 people, gathered and rang church bells to express their objection to the threat of Israeli shelling posed by Hezbollah’s actions. Videos documenting the gathering and bell ringing were widely shared on social media.

Politicians, including President of the Universal Syriac Union Party (USUP) in Lebanon Ibrahim Mrad, expressed solidarity with the people of Rmaich. Mrad conveyed his support and solidarity via X, formerly Twitter, and Facebook, praising the residents for their steadfastness against Iranian influence.

Following the tensions, contacts were made with the Lebanese Army to address the situation. Rmaich’s mayor affirmed the town’s commitment to its land and expressed trust in the Lebanese state, its legitimacy, and the Lebanese Army.

However, despite efforts to defuse the situation, Hezbollah launched missiles from a nearby pine forest, located between Rmaich residents’ houses. The mayor clarified that the forest is close to the town and frequented by residents.

“The forest is not as far from Rmaich as they claimed, it is close,” stated the mayor. “Many residents live nearby.”

The incident concluded with Hezbollah launching missiles from Rmaich and leaving. The mayor noted that people gathered briefly, rang bells, and then dispersed.