Unizon documents world femicide in March, 2024

STOCKHOLM — Murders of women and girls are committed by partners due to gender-related motivation. Statistics indicate that the number of killed women due to gender-related motivations exceeds the number of men killed in wars after 1900.

The femicide is not limited to countries with dictatorial and repressive regimes only, but have become frequent in democratic and Western countries as well, including Sweden.

The Unizon, which is a union of more than 130 feminist institutions in Sweden, issued a new report about world femicide in March, 2024.

The Unizon reported that 9 girls were killed last year, by a male member of their families.

The report added that 7 women were killed in 1 day, by a male member of a Turkish family, bringing the number of killed women during 2023 in Turkey to 315 women.

In Finland, 135 women were killed between 2005 and 2010.

In Norway, 147 women were killed between 1991 to 2010.

In Brazil, 4 women were killed last year, bringing the total number of women killed last year around the world to 1463.

The Italian Interior Minister stated that one 120 women were killed last year by a family member, while in Croatia, 12 women were killed.

Some world countries have raised the penalty for murder to 40 years in prison, within the Criminal Penal Codes.