US authorities investigating whether Mayor of New York City Eric Adams received illegal donations from Turkey

NEW YORK — A recent search warrant unveiled that the raid conducted on the residence of prominent fundraiser and New York City Mayor Eric Adams was part of a broader investigation into potential foreign and illegal funding channels funneled into his mayoral campaign.

According to a search warrant disclosed by the New York Times, US authorities initiated an inquiry into allegations suggesting that Adams’s 2021 mayoral campaign may have colluded with the Turkish government to acquire unlawful foreign contributions.

Investigators executed a search at the Brooklyn home of Brianna Suggs, the mayor’s chief fundraiser, as they delved deeper into potential connections between a Brooklyn-based construction company, a small university in Washington, and Mayor Adams with Turkish entities.

The focus of the investigation centers on whether Mayor Adams’s campaign activities resulted in undue benefits for officials and employees of the construction company, as well as Turkish officials.

During the raid, investigators seized three phones, two laptops, assorted documents, and additional evidence, including a folder labeled “Eric Adams” alongside seven other folders.

Notably, Eric Adams has longstanding ties with the Turkish government, having collaborated with affluent members of the Turkish community in South Brooklyn over the years. Adams has openly acknowledged visiting Turkey on six occasions.