Public outrage over murder of Lebanese Forces Coordinator Pascal Suleiman in Jbeil

JBEIL, Lebanon — On Sunday, Pascal Suleiman, Coordinator of the Lebanese Forces Party in Jbeil (Byblos), was abducted and subsequently murdered by an armed Syrian gang residing in Lebanon, as confirmed by Lebanese authorities.

The heinous act has sparked widespread anger and condemnation among Lebanese politicians, particularly from the Christian community, with President of the Universal Syriac Union Party (USUP) Ibrahim Mrad expressing deep sorrow at the news.

“The treacherous hand of the terrorist militias has once again severed a branch of the free Lebanese resistance, but it cannot and will not uproot the tree of resistance and struggle, as its roots run deep in this land,” Mrad stated via Facebook.

On behalf of USUP, Mrad extended heartfelt condolences, lauding the solidarity demonstrated by all sovereign parties, forces, and individuals in support of the Lebanese Forces.

Mrad emphasized the urgent need to push for the implementation of UN Security Council Resolution No. 1559 and to progress towards federalism.

Dr. Amine Iskandar, Head of the Syriac Maronite Union–Tur Levnon, raised doubts about the investigation outcomes.

“The Lebanese Army is implicated in Pascal’s assassination, as it plays a role in the fabrication and staging of the narrative regarding the alleged car smugglers,” Iskandar stated.

Several Lebanese parties offered condolences to the head of the Lebanese Forces Party, Dr. Samir Geagea, including Sami Gemayel, Head of the Lebanese Kataeb Party.