Youth movement of Lebanese opposition holds Hezbollah responsible for assassination of Pascal Suleiman

BEIRUT — Following the kidnapping and murder of Pascal Suleiman, Coordinator of the Lebanese Forces in Jbeil (Byblos), a group of students and youth from Lebanese opposition parties, including members of the Universal Syriac Union Party (USUP), have issued a statement.

In their statement, the Istiklal Youth Movement condemned the murder of Suleiman, stating that it should be considered a political assassination until proven otherwise.

The Movement emphasized that the murder underscored the absence of state protection and the failure to fulfill the basic duty of safeguarding Lebanese citizens.

Accusing Iranian-backed Hezbollah of disrupting state institutions, the Youth Movement also held Hezbollah accountable for corruption within in the country and events occurring along the Lebanese-Syrian border, including through its control of illegal crossings.