Turkish occupation sends Syrian mercenaries to Niger for combat mission

NIAMEY — The Turkish occupation in northern Syria is allegedly exploiting the region’s dire living conditions to recruit mercenaries for military operations beyond Syrian borders, mirroring its actions in Libya and Azerbaijan.

According to reports, Turkey has initiated the deployment of Syrian mercenaries to Niger. The Syrian mercenaries, drawn from groups like the Sultan Suleiman Shah Division and the Hamza Division, were transported via a Turkish military aircraft, led by a former officer from Damascus who supervised mercenaries in Libya and Azerbaijan.

Sources suggest that mercenaries were barred from using mobile phones at the outset of their journey. Each mercenary is promised a monthly salary of $1,500, delivered to a relative in Turkey-occupied northern Syria through a six-month contract.

In 2023, the Sultan Murad mercenaries began identifying recruits for the Niger mission. Some individuals allegedly paid bribes of $200 to secure acceptance, highlighting potential exploitation by leaders seeking profit from mercenaries fighting solely for financial gain.