Easter preparations in Zalin, North and East Syria, marred by sound bomb blast, two injured

ZALIN, North and East Syria — Days before Orthodox Easter celebrations, a disturbing incident shook the city of Zalin (Qamishli), North and East Syria, when a sound bomb was detonated by an unknown individual in the Al-Wusta neighborhood, near a vegetable shop.

The explosion resulted in the injury of two individuals, who were promptly transported to Al-Salam Hospital in Zalin for medical treatment. Additionally, the blast caused significant material damage in the vicinity.

As authorities strive to restore calm and safety, the identity of the perpetrators remains elusive. The Internal Security Forces (ISF) have initiated an investigation to determine the motives and culprits behind the incident.

Similar acts have been orchestrated by individuals and groups aiming to sow discord and instability across the multi-ethnic and multi-religious region of North and East Syria., not only in Qamishli but also across the region. Efforts to counter these threats and uphold security continue amid the upcoming Easter festivities.