Iran recruits criminal networks in Sweden to hit Israel’s interests

STOCKHOLM / TEHRAN — The Swedish Security Police stated that the Iranian regime is using criminal networks in Sweden to carry out violent acts against other countries, groups or individuals in Sweden whom it considers a threat, especially Israeli and Jewish interests and goals in Sweden, Swedish Security Service (SAPO) reported.

“The Security Service can now confirm that criminal networks in Sweden are proxies that Iran uses,” Daniel Stenling, head of Counter-Intelligence at the service, told a news conference.

“Iran has previously used violence in other countries in Europe in an effort to silence critical voices and what it believes are threats against its regime,” the SAPO added, indicating that it was cooperating with the police, military and international allies to counter the threat posed by Iran.

This comes 2 weeks after a shooting was reported at night in front of the Israeli Embassy in Stockholm, and 3 months after police found an unexploded grenade on the Embassy compound campus.