World Maronite Union warns of Hezbollah’s threat to Lebanon, calls for disarmament

BEIRUT — In response to Lebanon’s ongoing political turmoil, the World Maronite Union (WMU) described the current situation as the most perilous in the country’s modern history. The WMU attributed much of the root causes of the current crisis to Iran, which it claims has created an army of mercenaries that now dominates one of Lebanon’s largest sects.

The WMU stated that these armed groups, primary Hezbollah, have seized control of the nation, pushing it towards a devastating war under the pretext of supporting the people of Gaza. This scenario, according to the WMU, threatens to obliterate Lebanon.

The Union emphasized that failing to confront the threat posed by Hezbollah and Iran would be the gravest mistake, leading Lebanon into an era of humiliation — something the WMU staunchly opposes.

The WMU labeled Hezbollah as an instrument of Iran, asserting that the group’s true aim is to enable the Iranian regime to dominate the Middle East. It accused Hezbollah of hiding behind slogans that have wreaked havoc on Lebanon since the Cairo Agreement and continues to incite conflict.

The Union issued a stern warning to Hezbollah and its supporters, both within and outside Lebanon, to cease their influence over the country. It urged Hezbollah to disarm, emphasizing that the international community should consider decisive military action against the group and its allies if they refuse to comply.