Gulf Cooperation Council: We reject demographic change attempts in Syria

DOHA — The Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf (GCC) held its 6th session in Doha, Qatar.

The GCC declared its rejection of any demographic change attempts in Syria, adding that its positions are firm towards preserving the territorial integrity of Syria and respecting its independence and sovereignty.

The GCC also rejected regional interference in Syria’s internal affairs and supported the UN efforts to reach a political solution in Syria, in line with UN Security Council Resolution No. 2254 and relevant UN resolutions.

The GCC stressed its support for efforts of the UN Envoy to Syria and any efforts exerted for Syrian refugees and displaced people, in addition to working on their voluntary and safe return to Syria, in accordance with international standards.

The GCC condemned the repeated Israeli attacks on Syrian territory, which are a violation of international law and Syria’s sovereignty.

It also praised Saudi Arabia’s decision to appoint an Ambassador to Syria.