USUP President Ibrahim Mrad condemns Hezbollah’s role in conflict between Israel and Hamas in Gaza, cites heavy toll on Lebanon

BEIRUT — In an interview on Lebanese MTV’s “Beirut Today,” Ibrahim Mrad, President of the Universal Syriac Union Party (USUP), discussed Hezbollah’s efforts to entangle Lebanon in the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas in conflict.

Mrad highlighted that the death toll in Lebanon has surpassed 400, including both Hezbollah fighters and civilians, alongside the extensive destruction of cities, villages, and the Lebanese economy in southern Lebanon.

He asserted that the Lebanese people can no longer remain silent about the war and the crimes committed by Hezbollah, comparing the devastation in southern Lebanon to that of the Gaza Strip, with no tangible benefits from Hezbollah’s intervention.

Mrad emphasized that Hezbollah seeks to achieve gains for itself and Iran at the expense of the Lebanese people. He stressed that this agenda does not reflect the aspirations of the Lebanese populace.