Syriac Orthodox Church in Södertälje, Sweden, commemorates 109th anniversary of Sayfo Genocide

SÖDERTÄLJE, Sweden — The Syriac Orthodox Mor Jacob of Nisibini Church in Södertälje, Sweden, held a commemoration after Mass on Sunday to honor the 109th anniversary of the Sayfo Genocide. The event began with a speech by Bishop Mar Yohanoun Lahdou of the Diocese of Sweden and Scandinavia, followed by a gathering in the church hall.

Attendees observed a minute of silence for the souls of the Sayfo martyrs. Mounir Rahawi, the event presenter, welcomed the audience, and Bishop Yohanoun delivered a speech emphasizing the heroic resistance of their ancestors during the Sayfo massacres. He stressed the importance of participating in activities commemorating the genocide.

Researcher Denho Ozman, a program presenter on Suroyo TV, discussed the Sayfo and the need for the Syriac (Aramean–Assyrian–Chaldean) people to manage themselves and establish necessary institutions for the recognition of the genocide.

Writer Anna Melli spoke about her book on the Sayfo and presented a series of books at the event.

Besim Aydin and historical researcher Hosni Nouh also shared their works and emotions regarding the tragedy.

The Milli Council of Mor Jacob Church displayed pictures of the Sayfo martyrs, adding a poignant visual element to the commemoration.

In a related event, Syriac youth in Södertälje organized a memorial to honor the Sayfo martyrs. They highlighted that, despite 109 years passing since the genocide, global recognition remains elusive. The youth called for unity and resilience against ongoing threats, advocating for a life of safety, peace, and respect.