International Coalition highlights importance of Syriac language

BETH NAHRIN — The U.S.-led International Coalition released a video on social media emphasizing the significance and ancient history of the Syriac language in the region.

The video provided a detailed explanation of the history of the Syriac language, which originated from Aramaic and is one of the oldest Semitic languages in the world. It highlighted that Syriac was once the predominant language in many areas of the Middle East, including Syria and Iraq, and stressed its vital role in preserving the cultural and religious heritage of numerous Christian communities.

The Coalition noted that various governments in the region, including the Iraqi government, have been working to revive and preserve the Syriac language. There are over 265 schools teaching Syriac in Iraq, with about 50 schools located in Erbil and Nohadra (Duhok) alone.

The video also mentioned the role of media in promoting the Syriac language, indicating that several newspapers and TV channels in Iraq broadcast in Syriac, helping to keep the language alive and widely accessible.