Germany enacts law to expel foreigners supporting terrorism on social media

BERLIN — In response to the rise in hate speech on social media, the German government has adopted a new law mandating the expulsion of foreigners who endorse terrorist acts online. This legislative proposal, which still requires approval from representatives, is based on the premise that online support for terrorism aids extremists in carrying out violent acts.

The draft law, an amendment to the Residence Rights Law, stipulates that any approval or promotion of terrorist acts will result in expulsion.

Vice Chancellor Robert Habeck stated that the law reinforces Germany’s commitment to protection for persecuted individuals while making it clear that those who glorify terrorism and celebrate heinous crimes forfeit their right to remain in the country. He emphasized that while Islam is part of Germany, Islamic extremism is not.

Interior Minister Nancy Faeser added that Islamic agitators who mentally reside in the Stone Age have no place in Germany, underscoring the nation’s firm stance against extremism.