Border crossing between Turkish-occupied Syria and regime areas opens amid local protests

HOLEB, Syria — For the first time since the beginning of the Syrian crisis, local sources from Turkish-occupied Syrian territories reported that the Abu al-Zindin border crossing, located in the eastern countryside of Holeb (Aleppo), has been opened.

The crossing connects Turkish-occupied Syrian territories with areas controlled by the Syrian regime.

The opening of the crossing was met with significant rejection by local residents.

Residents of Al-Bab city set up a sit-in tent near the Holeb roundabout to prevent vehicles from entering the Abu al-Zindin crossing.

Elements of the military and civil police patrols from Turkish-backed factions removed the tent and expelled the protesters, amid heightened security and heavy deployment to prevent any movements or gatherings that might hinder the operation of the crossing.

Reports stated that the opening of the crossing resulted from an agreement between Russian forces and the Turkish occupation.