Restoration begins in an Armenian church in Omid (Diyarbakir), Turkey

OMID, Turkey —  The Turkish Culture and Tourism Ministry started restoration work for the 500-year-old Surp Sarkis Armenian Church in the southeastern province of Omid (Diyarbakır), in the presence of the Armenian Orthodox Patriarch of Constantinople Sahak Maşalyan, Mayor of Omid Dogan Khatun, Mayor of Sur Fatima Ongül and a gathering of the Armenian people in Turkey.


The patriarch called on local administrations to help in the restoration, indicating that the church is one of the important works in the city.


The church is located in the Ali Pasha area of the Sur district. Its history dates back to more than 500 years. The cost of restoration is estimated to reach 2 million USD.

The church, which was also a craft school, has been closed since 1915.


The church is one of the rare buildings that managed to hold out with its historical pillars.


Omid Mayor stressed the need to protect the historical buildings in the city, especially churches.


“Surp Sarkis church was restored during the reign of Omid Grand Mayor Osman Baydemir,” he concluded.