Administration of North and East Syria condemns rapprochement between Ankara and Damascus, calls for national unity

ANKARA / DAMASCUS — Amid talks of rapprochement between the Syrian regime and the Turkish government, the Democratic Autonomous Administration in the Region of North and East Syria (DAARNES) condemned the overtures in a recent statement, particularly after Turkish President Erdogan’s comments about meeting Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

DAARNES labeled this rapprochement a significant conspiracy against the Syrian people, legitimizing the Turkish occupation of Syrian territory and openly violating Syria’s sovereignty.

The statement urged Syrians to rally around DAARNES, asserting it as the best option for the unity of Syria and its people. It called for a Syrian national dialogue under the banner of a unified homeland.

Asia Abdullah, Co-Chair of the Democratic Union Party (Partiya Yekîtiya Demokrat, PYD), reiterated the PYD’s rejection of any agreements that do not serve the interests of the Syrian people. She emphasized that the party would oppose any agreements made outside the interests of the Syrian populace and against the spirit of the uprising.

Abdullah denounced these agreements as serving foreign agendas contrary to the will and aspirations of the Syrian people. She urged the people of the region to intensify their struggle and resist all external agendas aimed at dismantling the democratic nation project and the DAARNES model.