Turkish radio program suspended and station fined for discussing Armenian genocide

ANKARA, Turkey — The Supreme Council of Radio and Television of Turkey has suspended a radio program on an independent station and imposed a financial penalty for discussing the Armenian Genocide.

The program, Open Journal on Açık Radyo, was suspended for addressing the Armenian Genocide and the broadcaster’s “failure to correct the topic.”

During the program, an Armenian guest spoke about the events of the Genocide, including displacement, murder, and other atrocities.

In addition to the financial fine, the radio station was threatened with license cancellation if similar topics were raised again. The station was also accused of distorting media values and inciting sectarian divisions within society.

The radio station and its listeners objected to the decision, asserting that their broadcasting services have promoted respect for Turkish citizens of different backgrounds and religions and has promoted positive societal values for nearly 30 years.

In response to the suspension, the radio station emphasized that the program did not exceed the limits of freedom of expression and thought.