Festival of St. Mary celebrated in Motala, Sweden

MOTALA, Sweden — Under the patronage of Father Afram Lahdo, the Syriac Orthodox Church of the Virgin Mary Motala, Sweden, held its first Festival of St. Mary, featuring a blend of religious and entertainment activities.

The festival commenced with the Divine Liturgy celebrated by Father Lahdo, with Father Ayoub Estefan as the guest priest. Estefan delivered a spiritual address, speaking about the feasts of St. Peter and St. Paul, and the feast of the apostles.

“When the Church celebrates the apostles’ feasts, it honors them in appreciation for their services and active role in spreading the good news of the Heavenly Kingdom,” he stated.

Following the service, the faithful exited the church accompanied by a performance from the Scout of Santa Maria Ektorp. The event also included performances of Arabic and Syriac songs, various competitions, and a lottery with valuable prizes.

At the festival’s conclusion, Father Lahdo expressed his gratitude to all supporters and contributors for the success of this inaugural event, announcing that it will continue in the coming years.