Rum Orthodox Church of Saints Peter and Paul consecrated in Butzbach, Germany

BUTZBACH, Germany — After many years of dedicated effort, the Rum Orthodox Church of Saints Peter and Paul was consecrated in the German city of Butzbach.

The consecration ceremony was led by Bishop Mor Isehaq Barakat, Metropolitan of Germany and Central Europe, and Bishop Mor Hanna Heikal, Metropolitan of the Diocese of Butzbach. A Mass followed, featuring a number of priests from various churches, the hymns of deacons, and a large gathering of believers.

The ceremony saw attendance from several notable figures, including priests from the Syriac Orthodox churches in Giessen and Bad Vilbel, former Turkish Parliament representative Tuma Çelik, European Syriac Union representative Aziz Gergin, and leaders of the Foundation of Christians of the East, headed by Farid Tekbaş and Abjar I. Former Prime Minister Volker Bouffier and other representatives from various parties and institutions also joined the event.

Gesen Ozogul, head of the church council, expressed joy at the completion of the church’s construction after many years of effort. He extended gratitude to everyone who contributed to the building process, especially Father Nicholas Esber, the priest of the Church of Saints Peter and Paul in Butzbach. Ozogul also highlighted the history of the community and the church in Butzbach, which serves 220 families and 600 people.

The ceremony concluded in an atmosphere of joy, marking a historic day for the Rum Orthodox Church in Butzbach.