Olaf Taw Association for Syriac Language concludes Syriac language summer course with celebrations in North and East Syria

ZALIN and HASAKAH, North and East Syria — The Olaf Taw Association for Syriac Language successfully concluded its summer course activities in Zalin (Qamishli) and Hasakah in North and East Syria. Celebrations marking the end of the program were held at the Zalka Kindergarten in Zalin honoring the children who participated in the courses.

During the event, Josephine Soumi, an Olaf Taw official in Zalin, expressed gratitude to the teachers for their dedicated efforts in teaching the Syriac language to the children. The celebrations featured folkloric and popular singing and dancing, creating a joyful atmosphere for the attendees.

Gifts and sweets were distributed to the participating children and their families, adding to the festive spirit. In a statement to Suroyo TV, Soumi highlighted that the Olaf Taw organizes annual activities for children as part of its program. These activities include drawing, folkloric dances, handicrafts, and various arts and games, providing a well-rounded and engaging experience for the young participants.