Patriarch of Ancient Church of the East Mar Gewargis III Younan makes first visit to Denmark Parish, calls for unity and cooperation

AARHUS, Denmark — In his inaugural visit to the parish of Denmark, Patriarch of the Ancient Church of the East Mar Gewargis III Younan conducted a Divine Mass on Sunday at the Church of Mar Ephrem Raba in Aarhus. He was assisted by the parish priest, Father Senharib Eremiah, and two deacons.

The Mass was attended by notable clergy, including Mar Yacoub Daniel, Metropolitan of Baghdad and Basra, Father Mufid Markos, priest of Mar Kyorkis Church in Jonshobank, Sweden, and Father Faris Touma, priest of Mar Aba Raba Chaldean Church in Denmark.

At the conclusion of the Mass, Patriarch Mar Gewargis III Younan emphasized the importance of tolerance, reconciliation, and cooperation to elevate the Church’s standing. Following the service, he joined the congregation for lunch and ceremonially cut a cake to mark his first visit to Denmark and the first anniversary of his patriarchal ordination.

During a gathering in the hall of the Church of Mar Ephrem Raba, Father Senharib Eremiah and the administrative body of the Ancient Church of the East in Denmark presented gifts to the Patriarch and Bishop Mor Yacoub Daniel, celebrating their visit and contributions to the church community.