First International Chaldean Conference in Michigan unites 700 participants in faith and heritage celebration

MICHIGAN, US — The inaugural session of the International Chaldean Conference concluded in Michigan, bringing together approximately 700 young men and women from Chaldean dioceses worldwide, along with a significant number of priests from various diaspora communities.

The conference program featured engaging dialogue sessions and the celebration of the Divine Mass, fostering a sense of unity and cultural pride among participants.

Father Douglas al-Bazi, a priest of a Chaldean parish in New Zealand, expressed his delight in participating in this landmark event. He praised the conference’s excellent organization and the enthusiastic interaction among attendees from around the globe. Father al-Bazi highlighted the conference as a unique opportunity for members of Chaldean parishes to connect, learn about their church, and strengthen their ties to their heritage.

He emphasized the importance of preserving the Chaldean identity, language, culture, and faith, encouraging participants to take pride in their roots and share their rich heritage with others.