Swedish police strengthen security measures in Södertälje

SÖDERTÄLJE, Sweden —Due to the recent escalation of violence, Swedish police announced the transformation of the western section of the Blombacka neighborhood and various areas of the Geneta neighborhood in Södertälje into security zones from 6th to 19th July.

They will conduct raids and tight searches to ensure the safety of citizens.

The aforementioned neighborhoods are inhabited by a large number of Syriac (Aramean-Chaldean- Assyrian) people.

“Raids and searches will be carried out by the police who will strengthen their surveillance, interrogate the people on the roads and detect all cars in search of suspects,” police reported via its website.

A person aged between 20 and 25 was killed in his home in Blombacka neighborhood. A person accused of murdering the man was arrested and then was released days later.

According to the police, there are fears of other crimes against the background of this crime.

It was reported that during December 2022, a person was killed in the same neighborhood. In June, 2022, another person was killed, and in May, armed clashes broke out in the same neighborhood.

Clashes and violence in this neighborhood are linked to warring groups. The violence is also linked to the drug trade, and each group is competing to impose its control over the area.