Drunk driver car crashes into group of children: kills four Syriac-Maronites

Oatlands, Sydney – A drunk driver Saturday evening crashed into a group of walking children killing four – three siblings and a relative. Three others were injured of which one is still in critical condition. The three siblings from a family of eight were two sisters aged 12 and 9 and their brother of 13. Their relative was a girl aged 11.

The families, originating from Lebanon, belong to the large Syriac-Maronite community of Australia.

According to newspaper the Sydney Morning Herald, the 29-year old driver of the car was tested three times the maximum amount of alcohol in his blood allowed to drive a car. He allegedly had been drinking at a party that day. On Sunday morning, the driver was charged with more than 20 offences, including manslaughter, dangerous driving occasion death, driving under influence, and high-range drink-driving.